Sunday, June 5, 2011

DAY 10 - Delos & Mykonos, Greece (Oceania Cruise)

Windmills on the Greek isle of Mykonos

This is the only day on the cruise in which we had two stops: a morning stop (Delos) and an afternoon one (Mykonos).

Al tendered to Delos, a small island of archeological significance for its ancient pagan temples. Though I hate to miss any ports of call, with 11 destinations in 10 days, I decided to stay back, sleep in a little bit, and have room service bring me breakfast to our veranda.

How sweet it was! I had three cappuccinos (they’re small), a bowl of mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, and plump blackberries), a chocolate-chip Danish, and eggs. I ordered one egg, but they must have brought three! (They never skimp, we’ve found.) I think I’ll remember this morning as being so delightful, one that fed me in more ways than one.

Room service on our veranda onboard Marina (Oceania cruises)

Last morning in which to enjoy the veranda. (This is also a lesson as to where you aim the camera when shooting a woman of a certain age in her bathing suit!)

Al also enjoyed his morning in Delos, and I heard a number of positive comments about the island.

Ruins on the Greek island of Delos

Some of the ruins of Delos, Greece, in the Aegean Sea

Al stands on some ruins in Delos, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea.

It only took an hour or so to cruise from Delos to Mykonos, and it seemed to take almost as long to get a tender to go ashore. Mykonos is the only place where we had significant non-weather-related delays in tendering. We hadn’t anticipated the demand or would have gone to the Marina Lounge much earlier than we did, in order to get a ticket sooner.

Some say Mykonos is like a small Santorini. To their point, it’s full of whitewashed buildings with blue trim, and it has some windmills. But few locations could match the topographical magnificence of Santorini, perched as it is, on terraced cliffs overlooking the caldera. Rather than describe Mykonos in a way that positions it as a “Santorini wannabe,” I think it’s better to appreciate it for its own charm.

Fishing boats in the harbor at Mykonos, Greece

Boats in the harbor at Mykonos, Greece

Boat at Mykonos, Greece

Fishing boats on the clear waters of Mykonos

Boats, boats, and more boats.  Oceania's ship, Marina, is seen in the background.

Man decides to cool his feet in the clear waters of Mykonos

Windmills on the Greek island of Mykonos


Windmills on Mykonos

Little Venice in Mykonos

A café in Little Venice, Mykonos

Front-row seats in a cafe in Little Venice, Mykonos

A window in Mykonos

Hello, Kitty

Quintessential Mykonos

Mother and young children in Mykonos

When only the very best will do…Sleeping cat next to empty Häagen-Dazs container

Mother and child in need in Mykonos

Locked door in Mykonos

We had plenty of time to see what we wanted to see on the island – except for Petros. Mykonos has some almost human-sized pelicans named Petros I, II, III and IV. They’ve even been known to walk into shops, not see anything they want to buy, and walk out again!  Since we didn't see Petros, I've included this photo from Grecotour.

Petros goes out on the town in Mykonos.

In the “Know Before You Go” department, it’s important to point out that Mykonos is also known for its wild partying, especially after dark – and maybe during the day at the clothing-optional Super Paradise Beach (not to be confused with Paradise Beach). We didn’t stay on shore past dark, though. After all, there was packing to do! It would be our last night on beautiful Marina.

Sunset near Mykonos, as seen from the cruise ship

View from the cruise ship as dusk falls over Mykonos

A final stroll around Marina’s decks

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