Sunday, January 30, 2011

Notice of Slight Policy Change

Historically, the purpose of this blog has been to choose some destination in the world and pick out my favorite accommodations there.  The posts always included plenty of photos and usually some background on the location. (Most recently we added a mini-series chronicling an Oceania cruise itinerary, but still with hotel picks.)

Often there are a number of fabulous hotels or rentals, and I agonize over which is my very favorite. Sometimes I’ve included more than one but sort of felt that I was “wimping out” when I did that.

I’ve decided that isn’t wimping out. There are many factors that go into hotel selection. Some are: personal style preference, location (including views), and price for dates of travel. So how can it hurt to share with you a greater breadth of what’s available?

Going forward I'll still research and click on every upscale hotel in a location. If there is a definite ScheckTrek pick, I’ll let you know. But most likely I’ll include photos that speak to me, from a variety of hotels. A bonus for the reader is that it’s likely to give more depth and richness to our knowledge about the area’s architecture, as well as its travel options. I’ll still include background information regarding history, geography and/or things to do there.

I hope you enjoy the tours!

Vicki Scheck

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