Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oceania Cruise: Corfu, Greece

If you’ve been following this blog in recent weeks, you’ll know that we’re tracking the itinerary of an Oceania cruise called Grecian Glory. We’ve so far covered its city of embarkation—Venice—as well as Dubrovnik, Croatia; and Kotor, Montenegro. In this post we’ll visit Corfu and, as usual, pick a favorite hotel there for those staying shore-side.

But first, a little more about the 1,252-passenger ship. The cruise will take place on Oceania’s brand new, not-quite-yet christened ship, Marina.
(Oceania photos from http://www.oceaniacruisesblog.com/.  All other photos from www.grecotel.com/corfu/corfu-imperial/photo-gallery_2193.htm unless otherwise noted.)

Earlier posts have included some photos of Marina’s staterooms, including, last week, a couple of the Owner’s Suite (bedroom and bath). This week we have a couple more from the Owner’s Suite, which is simply fabulous.

I could be won over by the zebra rug alone, but we wouldn’t want to become too distracted by that and miss the view out those windows!

Another place to enjoy the view from the Owner’s Suite, and perhaps a favorite beverage, is the foyer.

Before that afternoon drink, though, there’s a shore excursion in Corfu.

Corfu is the second-largest island in the Ionian Sea, lying at the entrance of the Adriatic and very near the coast of Albania. Per Wikipedia, the city’s old town was chosen for the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2007. Its capital city has been officially declared a Kastropolis (“castle city”) because it’s the only city in Greece that’s completely surrounded by the walls of two castle fortresses.

The Liston, Corfu Town

The town itself is one of charming, narrow streets, public squares and numerous French, Italian and Venetian buildings. Perhaps of interest to British subjects or royals watchers is that Corfu was the birthplace of Prince Philip in 1921. (Off the subject, but that makes him almost 90!)


ScheckTrek Pick: Corfu Imperial Grecotel

For those touring Corfu by land, the ScheckTrek hotel pick is the 5-star, Corfu Imperial Grecotel. I would love to stay there! I also applaud their website; I've rarely seen a hotel’s photo gallery that is so rewarding in both the quality and quantity of its photos. So be forewarned, we'll include a good sampling of them; and I don't think these pictures need a lot of discription.  I look at them and feel transported!

The Grecotel's pool and private cove 

Yiali, a Waterfront Fish Restaurant

Odysseus Cocktail Bar

Aristos Fine Dining

Breakfast Veranda

Junior Bungalow Suite

Dream Villa Living & Dining Areas

Dream Villa Corfu, Master Bedroom Suite

Dream Villa Waterfront, Ebony Jet Shower

Royal Pavilion Living Room

Royal Pavilion, with private pool on the seafront

Presidential Suite

Presidential Bathroom—this may be one of my favorites, though several others are vying for first place!

Palazzo ‘Sissy’ Lounge

Palazzo Odyssia Lounge

Palazzo Imperiale Master Bedroom

Palazzo Imperiale Lounge

Palazzo Imperiale, Aerial View

Palazzo Imperiale Master Bath, with Color Therapy

ScheckTrek’s next stop, as we preview Oceania’s May 2011 cruise: Zakynthos, Greece. A beautiful spot!


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