Sunday, June 20, 2010

Purpose Statement

It was a persuading speech: commit to a 365-day or 52-week creative project, announce it, and hold yourself accountable. I was starting to feel persuaded, but what would I do?

The speaker does a sketch a day. Some write an essay. Others take a daily photograph and post it, which was a little more tempting. But I decided on something perhaps less creative, but more educational and definitely very interesting for me. I will travel virtually to 52 worldwide locations and provide a bit of background and my leading hotel pick in each.

There is one definite advantage to virtual travel: we don’t have the imposed limitations of budget! So while I will consider a hotel’s average cost (i.e., if one hotel option is considerably more expensive than another, it will only be chosen if the expense seems warranted) price will definitely take a back seat to choosing hotels whose styles beautifully reflect the regions we visit. We might as well dream big!

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